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Kirsten Moore is a committed and determined actress with experience on stage and screen. Kirsten has recently expanded her skills by writing her own work...because you can't spend all your time waiting for your dream role in Holby City...but if you are reading lovely casting directors- she is available. 

Kirsten trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts gaining an MA in Professional Acting with Merit.

Prior to this Kirsten attended Coventry University gaining a degree in Theatre and Professional Practice. For which she won the Performing Arts Scholarship 3 years running.


Picasso's Women 2020 tour dates to follow...



























'Kirsten excels as the naïve and excited young ingénue thrilled to be adored by the world’s most famous artist.’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


‘Moore provides yet another fascinating contrast. Marie-Therese takes up the strain. Only seventeen when the forty-five year old Picasso picked her up Moore gives the performance of young girl caught up in a web that her innocence fails to comprehend... Moore also uses the space to constantly reposition her chair and flit around like a child in a playroom’

‘As the ‘glue’ of the play, servant Gerty Gentry (Kirsten Moore) is the first to meet Dr Shackleton and through her, we have an insider’s view of Eleanor Marx. Having given Gerty the benefit of her wisdom, the servant is much more knowledgeable about a great many things.’


'Kirsten Moore, has more than just a little of Mrs Doyle about her'


'Supported by a very strong cast of Kirsten Moore as Getty Gentry — Marx’s maid'


'The scene in which the snappy Sarah (Kirsten Moore) visits her father in prison is incredibly touching. The performances in this piece are both painfully heartfelt and believable – Moore’s formidable bile and anger is sufficiently focussed to be equally as threatening as it is compelling'


'Bright spots are a couple of promising lyrical monologues and spirited turns from Moore'

Islington Gazette

'Kirsten Moore is indomitable as Sarah'



'Kirsten Moore brings energy and diversity to her multiple roles'



'Green Eyes negotiates the possessive, love-hate relationship with a fresh animalism and glorious playing from Kirsten Moore'


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